The lovingly decorated little wooden houses of our Christmas market offer a wide range of different Merchants

Our exhibitors present you all kinds of traditional art and craftsmanship from many different industry sectors.

Over the next few years, the organizers want to further expand and sell products made from wax, ceramics, wool, pokerwood(artistic wood burning), leather, handmade glass, wooden toys, jewelry and more creative goods.

We want the Unteres Schloss (lower castle) to become a popular meeting place for families and to give the market an unforgetable character.

Here you have an overview of our exhibitors.

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor?

Kölner Tor / Kölner Strasse

The way to the Oberzentrum is decorated with beautiful Lights.

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Schlosshof am Unterem Schloss

The traditional Christmas Market in Siegen attracts children and adults from near and far.

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Weihnachtsdorf unterm Krönchen

Atmospheric Christmas Market. The Siegener Oberstadt (siegen uptown) exhibitors show of their talents each weekend.

Opening hours: Fr.: 16 - 22 Uhr, Sa.: 11 - 22 Uhr, So.: 13 - 19 Uhr, (am 21.12. von 16-22 Uhr)

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Sozial Häuschen

We want to show social engagement together with our exhibitors and visitors.

If you need more information please request it by email.