From beginner to ice princess or ice prince

The ice rink at the Unteres Schloss (lower castle) offers fun for everyone - even for newcomers on the slippery ground. In order for nothing to go wrong when you are on the ice for the first time, we even offer skating aids.

Opening hours

The ice rink is open daily, at the same time as the Christmas market opening hours, from 11.00 until 21.00 o´clock.
Because the ice rink is an open-air event,
weather-related changes of the opening hours (for example, closing for a day) and program are possible at any time.
Please read the latest publications on these pages, on facebook, at the ice skating rink and in the press.


Kids/ Minors* 2,00 Euro
Teens/ Adults ** 3,50 Euro

(max 2 Adults + 3* Kids)

11,00 Euro
Rental skates 3,00 Euro
Skating help (Penguin) kostenlos
Kids/Minors 1,00 Euro
Minors/Adults 2,00 Euro
Familycard 6,00 Euro

These prices are valid for 1.5

* applies up to and including 15 years
** applies up from 16 years
*** Only for Sparkasse customers with Sparkassen Card or for KNAX Club members.

Special offers: School groups and groups of 15 or more receive a group discount.

Handicapped persons from a degree of disability of 80
pay half the usual entrance fee.

School classes

We are happy to hear that you are moving your school sports lessons to our ice rink. We will gladly reserve it for you and provide only you with the ice rink. Use our registration form so that we can reserve the rink accordingly.

Registration for school classes

Costs are € 1 per pupil. Ice skates can be rented for 2 €. A registration in written form is required.

A Maximum of 60 children per runtime is allowed.

Please also note that although we have more than 180 pairs of skates for rent, it can become very complicated when we have to rent out shoes in individual sizes so we might not have enough. Of course, the children can also bring their own skates. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The house rules of 3e-Maerkte GmbH

The instructions of the staff must be obeyed at all times.

Disregard of the rules will be followed by being forbidden to enter the entire Christmas Market area!

The use of the entire ice surface, as well as the changing rooms happens at your own risk! For self-inflicted accidents, we assume no liability!

Parents are responsible for their children. The ice surface is smooth and there is a risk of slipping, even in the area of ​​the cooling lines and aggregates outside of the ice rink.

Therefore, be aware of ice in the entire event area!

Please behave considerate and careful on the ice, and pay attention for your own and the others safety . This is especially true for children and novice skaters.

It is strictly prohibited to:

carry dogs on the skating area

enter the ice-skating area with normal shoes

destroy the ice-skating area

throw waste onto the ice-skating area

sit or stand on the outer rail

eat or drink while ice-skating

smoke on the ice

walk outside of the designated areas while wearing skates

enter the ice-skate area intoxicated

Entering the ice surface, that means the use of the ice rink, is only allowed with a valid ticket. The condition of the ice (water puddles, abrasion, etc.) is not our fault, because of this there is no change in price no matter how the ice is. This also applies to the condition of the rental skates. For the rental of ice skates a deposit is required (for example an ID). The return of the deposit only takes place upon the return of the skates.

The lender is liable for the correct return of the skates, in case of loss an equal amount of money has to be paid.

Entering the skating rink during the curling tournament is only allowed for the registered teams! During the event the skating rink is only allowed to be entered with shoes that have a  sufficient profile.

We are not liable for lost or damaged personal objects.

Please throw your garbage and cigarettes in the designated waste container and help us keep the ice rink in top condition!

As ice skating is an open-air event, weather-related changes of the opening hours (such as being closed for some time) and program are possible at any time. Please read the latest publications on this website, facebook, the skating rink and in the press.

Due to external events such as continuous rain, it can also happen that on the game day of curling we have to close or inconvenience the game.

Status: 12.08.2017
Subject to change without notice 

Main sponsors with whose support the ice rink was realized